Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Waiver Wire Cage Match: Jaime Garcia, Mark Reynolds

Jaime Garcia:

Garcia came out of the gate strong in 2010 with a 143 ERA+ but has put up fairly average numbers since. Over the past couple years he has battled a myriad of injuries and looks to be back up and running.

Since coming back he's had two starts one good (his most recent outing against the Reds) and one not so good outing (against the Braves). His 4.26 ERA doesn't exactly look pretty but his 0.86 WHIP and 3.45 FIP do indicate better days to come. The two questions/risk factors here are can he put up numbers similar to what he did in 2010 and can he stay healthy?

Mark Reynolds:

Since coming to the major leagues two things that Mark Reynolds has done really well is hit a bunch of home runs and strike out a bunch of times. So far, 2014 is starting to look like the same. From a fantasy perspective, he's going to be absolutely brutal on the batting average category but can help carry you in home runs on weeks like this where he is on an absolute tear. From a Brewers fan perspective, i'm happy in that even with his flaws he's a substantial upgrade over the Yuniesky Betancourt/Alex Gonzales burning dumpster fire situation at first base last year (even if the Lyle Overbay side of the platoon is absolutely brutal.


Usually, these waiver wire cage matches are as objective as possible as they typically don't involve my favorite team AND my least favorite. I know i'm being super-uber-biased but i'm giving Reynolds the nod here.


Mark Reynolds