Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Thursday Broken Crystal Ball Dolphins-Bengals

Today was a good day, in addition to starting writing, I got a surprise visit from Heather and Zeplen at lunch today. We ended up having lunch at Orcutt Burger. With all apologies to In n Out, the flame-broiled goodness is what a burger should but is decreasingly about in this heat lamp world.

Its day one and its clear that my predictions are much less reliable than the burgers at Orcutt Burger. As I write this, the Red Sox have pulled away from the Cardinals and have themselves a 6-0 lead and win the award for the first team to figure out Michael Wacha.

With tomorrow being Thursday, we are one day away from the start of the NFL Week. The Thursday night matchup this week is the Bengals against the Dolphins.

This is a tale of two teams headed in opposite directions. The Bengals have gotten themselves into a rhythm and when all is said and done could have their best team in the last quarter-century. The Dolphins seem to be free fallin Tom Petty style since starting 3-0 and have gone from struggling to full on break down mode as lineman Jonathan Martin left the team over a practical joke gone wrong.

The Bengals are coming off an absolute thrashing over the one week competent next work a horrible joke Jets.

In one of the posts i'm in the middle of writing I discuss my experiences with my fantasy teams. For me, while this ain't exactly the game of the week, I have a moderate amount of interest as I recently picked WR Brian Hartline last week and am starting him despite an under-whelming performance on Sunday. Hopefully he can help improve my current position of 7th place and contribute towards sneaking into the playoffs.

Looking into the broken crystal ball, I think both of these trends continue into tomorrow night's game. The Bengals win this one, their fifth in a row and continue to extend their lead in the  AFC North.

Prediction: Bengals 30, Dolphins 14

On a scale of 1-10, expected quality/interest of game is a 4.