Friday, January 31, 2014

The Super Bowl: Some Thoughts, My Two Cents and Even a Prediction

The Super Bowl is coming up in a few days and I figured i'd put in my two cents.

Cold Weather:

The fact that the Super Bowl is being played in the elements and in cold weather is probably one of the bigger non-controversies out there. People seem to be treating it like a football game has never been played in cold weather before even though it happens all the time (even if Peyton Manning historically struggles in cold weather).


Even if a lot of people watching don't know much about football, they know Peyton Manning from all the commercials that he's done. The reason people seem to be rooting for the Broncos seems tied to the fact that they happen to be the one team Richard Sherman plays for. The reason's for rooting against the Broncos is maybe people have gotten pre-Peyton Manning burnout in anticipation for the mediocre sitcom/movies he'd inevitably be in after he decides to retire.


Personally, i'm rooting for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. First of all, they beat the 49ers in the playoffs (something the Packers are apparently incapable of). Also, while a lot of people are upset about Richard Sherman's post-game interview, i'm not one of them. The worst thing that could be said about it was that it was a bit bizarre. On the scale of bad things that pro athletes do, the interview ranks pretty low.

The one thing that I like about Sherman (other than the fact that he called out Skip Bayless on national television which gives him a pass for a lot of things in my book) is that he's honest, he's going to speak his mind and he doesn't reach for the book of cliches when the cameras are rolling. It's definitely a refreshing dose of honesty (it also helps that he's able to back everything up with his play on the field)


I think this game will be a defensive struggle with the Seahawks coming out on top 17-10 and Richard Sherman earning himself the Super Bowl MVP.

As i've done with the rest of the playoffs, I did a simulation on which gave me the following result:

The simulation strongly disagrees with me and predicts a 31-6 Broncos win with Peyton Manning earning himself a Super Bowl MVP (along with like a million endorsements).