Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Safe or Short Leash: Chris Carter

Bench Player 3:

Chris Carter:


Carter hits for a lot of power. If your team is lacking in home runs and he is available, he is a person that can potentially help. He has enough power that he was able to pull a 112 OPS+ despite a .223 batting average. In real life, his struggles on defense led him to have a whopping 0.5 wins above replacement.


Any help he provides with home runs comes at a price. Namely, you'll need to be able to absorb a substantial hit in the batting average category if your willing to use him. Last year, I picked him up as a late round flyer but I over-reacted over a couple of bad weeks to start the season and dropped him.

Comparison Analysis:

 His most similar player through age 26 is Brian Hunter. Unlike Carter, Hunter amassed his numbers over a few more seasons as he never had more than 291 plate appearances in a given season and he had 93 plate appearances in his age 27 season. Barring injury, Carter is not going to have that fate as his power is enough for him to get a starting gig and passes for one of the better players on what is indisputably a pretty terrible Astros team.

While I think Carter only has a few seasons of full-time play his similar list is littered with players that hit for power but did not have regular starting gigs for a long time (i.e Kevin Maas, Karim Garcia) I think he gets enough playing time to put up similar numbers in 2014 to what he did last year. Due to lack of versatility in terms of how he can contribute, he's definitely on the short leash.