Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Answering Comments: Evaluating Some Trade Value

Going through the comment section of this Yahoo! article that leads off discussing the awesomeness of the last start from Mike Fiers and to look for questions to answer within the comment section. One comment I see is as follows:

"hey guys, kind of unrelated but i was wondering if i should pick Mauer up for Perez and Avisal garcia for wong? I could also pick mauer up and drop wong because its my UTIL spot i need to fill. Thanks alot."    

Lets break this down into a couple sections:

Who has more value, Joe Mauer or Salvador Perez (assuming his injury issue is not serious? 

While Mauer has not had that great of a season, his numbers are somewhat deflated due to lower than usual BABIP & HR/FB rate. Even with those factored in, he's not the star he used to be as he comes in at #100 in my rankings. With Mauer, his average his projected to be at .288 with the possibility of low double digit home run totals.

#100 may not be that bad but I have Perez ranked higher coming in at #54. My projections give him a slight edge in average (.292), 20+ homer power if things break right (19) and an advantage of playing for a better team (Royals vs. Twins) which means more opportunities to score & drive in runs. Bottom line, if your going between these choices, your better off with Perez.

Who has more value Avisail Garcia or Kolten Wong?

Avisail Garcia has recently returned from injury and provided some decent returns hitting a couple of home runs and hitting .300. His ranking is at 248 but this is primarily due to an extremely limited amount of plate appearances (45) so far this year and should get better as he gets a large sample of performance data.

 While he has performed better than what I think based off of BABIP & HR/FB rate results, there is at least some value .270 projected average and 15-20 home run power. Currently I have Kolten Wong ranked 95th. While his average (.275) & home run projections (15) are similar to Garcia, his value is driven up by having 30+ steal potential and playing a position (second base) where productive players are more scarce, thus the person with Kolten Wong would get the upper hand of this trade and I would also advise against anyone dropping him to pick up Joe Mauer.