Friday, August 1, 2014

Starting Pitcher Rankings:

Since I have been focusing all of my attention on offense and it seems like i'm rotating around discussing pretty much the same players, I decided to flip things around and rank the starting pitchers. For this listing, i'm ranking anyone who's pitched at least 100 innings so far this year. My top 10 is as follows:

1-Clayton Kershaw

* Masahiro Tanaka would be ranked second if he wasn't on the disabled list

2-Stephen Strasburg
3-Yu Darvish
4-Chris Sale
5-David Price
6-Max Scherzer
7-Zack Greinke
8-Corey Kluber
9-Ervin Santana
10-Madison Bumgarner

Currently there are 103 pitchers on this list, the bottom ten of these are as follows;

10-Edinson Volquez
9-Kyle Kendrick
8-Jeremy Guthrie
7-Hector Noesi
6-Chris Young
5-Scott Feldman
4-Kyle Gibson
3-Kevin Correia
2-Roberto Hernandez
1-Jared Cosart

Now onto some trendy waiver-wire pitching pick ups:

Vance Worley

Rank: 69
Ownership Rate: 14%

With the addition of Worley to this list, there are now 104 starting pitchers in the rankings with Worley being number 69. Even coming off an excellent start in San Francisco and getting to face a gutted Diamondbacks team over the weekend, i'm still not really sold on Worley.

While his ERA is at 2.54, the projection i've come up with places him at 3.51. Not terrible but nowhere near as good as the surface numbers. One red flag out there is that he hasn't struck out many batters (5.44 per 9 innings) and he can't rely on a .266 BABIP forever. His projected rankings are 38th for ERA, 26th for Wins, 87th for strikeouts and 24th for walks.

Basically, the main thing driving down the ranking is the strikeouts (lack of).With the Pirates being in the thick of the pennant race, he should stumble into some wins and  shouldn't hurt too bad on the WHIP. Still, with a less than inspiring track record, i'm not ready to buy on him.

Justin Masterson

Rank: 85
Ownership Rate: 44%

His value has been up as a speculation play as he got recently traded to the St. Louis Cardinals. While he has been better than his 5+ ERA has indicated, he hasn't been that much better (4.31 estimate). Still with the change in leagues, it's possible that this could be the change that is needed for him to improve performance. The only plus aspect I see with him is that his strikeouts still project to be strong (ranked 28th) but this is over-ridden by the fact that he ranks dead last in walks.