Monday, March 31, 2014

3.31 Random Sampling: Day Games Edition

Baseball Season Is Here!!!! Time for some games that count!!!! New feature that i'm going to do is preview a "random" sampling and by random I mean games involving players on my fantasy team that are in my starting line up. Off we go....all times listed are Pacific Standard Time...all numbers, references listed found on

10:08 Royals vs. Tigers (Shields vs. Verlander)

For the Royals their goal this year is to prove that finishing above .500 last year was no fluke and to make some noise and possibly contend for playoff spot. The Tigers are looking to get back to the playoffs and win their first World Series in 30 years.

10:10 Nationals vs. Mets (Strasburg vs. Gee)

These two teams may be in the same division of the NL East but their expectations are significantly different. The Nationals under achieved last year. Considering that even under achieving, they were still a respectable team and that they got even stronger during the off-season, they start the season as legitimate title contenders.

The Mets have had several disappointing seasons  lately and there's not much that indicates that this year is going to be much different.

11:10 Brewers vs. Braves (Gallardo vs.Teheran)

The Brewers are coming off a disappointing 2013 season. They should be better this year as (hopefully) they won't have problems with injuries, (hopefully) the drama behind Ryan Braun's suspension is behind us and (thankfully) Yuniesky Betancourt is nowhere near the starting lineup.

The Braves were able to take advantage of the Nationals disappointing season by winning the NL East. While it is unlikely they will repeat, I still think they are good enough to contend for a wild-card spot.

1:10 Blue Jays vs. Rays (Dickey vs. Price)

The Blue Jays basically got all the players that led to the Marlins underachieving in 2012 and contributed to the Blue Jays underachieving in 2013. I think the Blue Jays have similar results in 2014 without the whole everyone thinks they are a contender part. The Rays, what they don't have in payroll, they make up for in strong under the radar moves and one of the smartest managers in the game. Until proven otherwise, the Rays are a regular contender in my eyes.