Thursday, March 6, 2014

Likely Available Waiver Wire Talent: Jose Iglesias, Matt Dominguez

Today, it's about the third base position which is going to be a pretty light post because three of the five third basement who have ownership rates between 10% and 49% are also eligible at second base and have already been discussed (Rendon, Johnson & Bonifacio).

Jose Iglesias (23% Ownership)

Iglesias had his first extended look in the big leagues last year and finished second in rookie of the year voting. While He hit relatively well with the Red Sox, his bat was a lot quieter (77 OPS+) after he got traded to the Tigers in the Jake Peavy deal.

Even in best case scenario where he replicates the numbers he had in Boston, he'd be of limited use other than batting average as he hits for very limited power and doesn't steal very many bases. His minor league numbers don't scream future star (.622 OPS) and in reality they scream go find someone else to be shortstop if your desperate for a replacement.

Matt Dominguez (22% Ownership)

Another player who got his first extended look in 2013. Too bad the best part of his game (defense) isn't counted in fantasy.

In 2013, he had had underwhelming batting average & obp (.241/.286) but did contribute 21 homers indicating he could be a source of cheap power. Like with Iglesias, his minor league numbers indicates that even with these numbers he may have played over his head. Even in Triple-A and playing in the notoriously offense friendly Pacific Coast League, he put up a less than inspiring .708 OPS.

In real life, his defense is good enough that if he can keep the OPS around .700 there should be a starting spot for him, in fantasy your better of passing on him.

However, his most similar batter through age 23 is Willie Jones. At age 24, he did take a step forward with his offense hitting .267/.337/.456 and 25 homers and went on to have a 15 year career with 190 homers and a 101 OPS+. On the offense side, that would be the absolute best case scenario but at this point, I would be very surprised if Dominguez put up numbers like these this year.

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