Monday, March 31, 2014

3.31 Random Sampling: Night Games Edition

Giants vs Diamondbacks (Bumgarner vs. McCarthy)

The Giants are looking to bounce back from a subpar season, though they did go 1-0 in Games that I attended. The Diamondbacks are already 0-2 and 1.5 games out of first due to the results of their first two games in Australia.

Angels vs. Mariners (Weaver vs. Hernandez)

The Angels may have one of the most dynamic players in the game in Mike Trout but haven't cracked the playoffs in a few years. The Mariners have an absolute ace in Felix Hernandez and spent the winner trying to surround him with a better team. For both of these teams, getting past the Rangers & A's is going to be easier said than done

Indians vs. Athletics (Masterson vs. Gray)

The Indians got a small taste of playoff action, losing to Tampa Bay in the play-in game last year and are hoping to challenge the Tigers stranglehold on the AL Central. The A's are looking to stay ahead of the curve in the loaded AL West and get their third straight division title. The Rangers may look better on paper but it is dangerous to under-estimate the A's.