Wednesday, December 18, 2013

If a 16 Team NFL Playoff were to start today........

Here's what it would look like:

Link to standings can be found here:


(1) Broncos vs. (8) Chargers

In a rematch of the Thursday night game. In the real world, this was a pointless win but in this mock scenario it is a major confidence booster. As it gets colder in Denver, Peyton Manning's flaw of struggling in cold weather games hurts while the Chargers having someone as coach NOT named Norv Turner significantly decreases the chances of the Chargers fumbling away a golden opportunity.

Pick: Chargers

(4) Colts vs. (5) Chiefs

Both teams took care of business against bad teams on Sunday. Jamal Charles went absolutely crazy getting five touchdowns versus the Raiders. The Colts boringly but quietly took care of business against the Texans. I'm not sold on Andrew Luck in a playoff game and the same could be said about the Chiefs so something would have to give. I'd go with Kansas City as their offense is picking the right time to put up some crazy numbers.

Pick: Chiefs

(3) Bengals vs. (6) Ravens

The Ravens (specifically Justin Tucker's foot is coming off a victory) and this would be a case for a lower seeded team getting things to click at the right time in addition to not being sold on Marvin Lewis/Andy Dalton in a post-season environment.

Pick: Ravens

(2) Patriots vs. (7) Dolphins

Yes, the Dolphins pulled off a dramatic victory versus the Patriots the other day in Miami. Doing this in 80 degree Miami weather is one thing, doing it in January in Foxboro would be too tall of an order.

Pick: Patriots


(8) Chargers vs. (5) Chiefs

The Chargers manage to stumble their way into another beneficial match up where they get a time with more wins but at the same time a team that they have proven to be capable of beating. This seems like a classic game where Andy Reid would run into his one flaw (which is still shorter list than his strengths) of managing time outs.

Pick: Chargers

(6) Ravens vs. (2) Patriots

And they meet again in the Playoffs. I think the Ravens would keep this game close but Joe Flacco didn't really do much to inspire confidence despite last night's win over the Lions.

Pick: Patriots

AFC Championship

(8) Chargers vs. (2) Patriots

In this mock scenario, the Chargers have basically stumbled upwards towards the AFC Championship game more based on their opposition than anything else. I wouldn't see them stumbling upwards to the Super Bowl.

Pick: Patriots


(1) Seahawks vs. (8) Packers

The Packers are making a nice spirited run and keeping the seat warm until Aaron Rodgers returns. Nice spirited run doesn't stand much of a chance with the 12th man & a qb (Russell Wilson) who hasn't lost a home game yet.

Pick: Seahawks

(4) Bears vs. (5) Panthers

Even though Cam Newton has yet to play in a playoff game, I think there's an advantage with him over Jay Cutler and their defense is downright filthy.

Pick: Panthers

(3) Eagles vs. (6) 49ers

 The Eagles have been one of the more interesting red-zone friendly teams this year. I think Nick Foles would do good in this game but at this point i'm not trusting a team that made Matt Cassell look like a hall of famer to win a playoff game.

Pick: 49ers

(2) Saints vs. (7) Cardinals

The Cardinals have been much better than expected this year but get a very unfavorable match up here. They have to play the Saints on the road and the Saints have already proven themselves capable of running the Cardinals out of the building.

Pick: Saints

NFC Divisional

(1) Seahawks vs. (5) Panthers

Cam Newton has made great strides and looks on his way to being a star, that doesn't mean he'll bet Seattle on the road though.

Pick: Seahawks

(2) Saints vs. (6) 49ers

The Saints have already edged out the 49ers, i'd expect the same to happen if they meet in the playoffs.

NFC Championship

(1) Seahawks vs. (2) Saints

Sticking with my pick from last week of the Seahawks beating the Saints for the NFC Title.

Super Bowl:

For this week's mock 16, i'm reversing course on my Super Bowl pick by going with the Seahawks over the Patriots.