Friday, December 13, 2013

Week 15 NFL Preview

Now to look at what Week 15 has in store

Redskins vs. Falcons

If it was opposite day this game would be the battle for the #1 seed in the NFC. Since today is not opposite day it is a battle between two teams that have failed hard this year. The Redskins are in the headlines for the wrong reason as Mike Shanahan is either benching RGIII for his health or to get himself fired. Either way his career is done after the Redskins based on how he has horribly mishandled RGIII and likely taken several years off his career. The Falcons found a way to lose to Matt Flynn and the Packers but there is less drama surrounding the Falcons so I think they get their 4th win on Sunday.

Falcons 24 Redskins 10

Bears vs. Browns

The Bears who looked down for the count are coming off a shredding of the Cowboys defense. The Browns are coming off a spectacular collapse against the Patriots. The Bears continue their playoff push for at least another week on Sunday.

Bears 35 Browns 21

Texans vs. Colts

The Texans have been absolutely atrocious as the leagues only 11 loss time and cold in general as they fired Gary Kubiak about a month after collapsing on the field. The Colts don't always look the best at times but they are playing a team going through the motions and have an uphill battle to climb if they want to improve on their #4 seed.

Colts 27 Texans 17

Bills vs. Jaguars

A highly irrelevant battle between the 15th (Buffalo) and 13th seeds (Jacksonville) in the AFC. The Bills are doing typical bills things but the Jaguars are playing with a lot of pride and giving hope that Gus Bradley could help make them contenders sooner rather than later.

Jaguars 31 Bills 10

Patriots vs. Dolphins

With Denver's loss this game takes on added meaning for the Patriots as it gives them an opportunity to take the #1 seed in the AFC. The Dolphins are the first team out and playing for their playoff life and fighting with the Ravens & Chargers for the #6 seed. Normally I would pick the team fighting for a playoff spot in this situation as they have more to play for but I just don't think the Dolphins can keep up with the Patriots.

Patriots 31 Dolphins 14

 Eagles vs. Vikings

The Vikings season is going nowhere fast and there is little incentive for them to win as they're probably better off positioning themselves for a high draft pick. The Eagles offense seems to be getting into a nice rhythm and at this point, are just as capable of dominating teams through the air or through the ground. If the Eagles get into the playoffs, they are definitely capable of doing a lot of damage.

Eagles 38 Vikings 24

Seahawks vs. Giants

Got ourselves a battle between the Seahawks who have the upper hand on clinching the #1 seed but still have some work to do versus a Giants team that is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs but not bad enough to get a high level draft pick. Despite having to travel halfway across the country, the Seahawks should have little trouble winning this game.

Seahawks 24 Giants 10

49ers vs Buccaneers

Got ourselves a battle of another very strong NFC West team traveling east to play an early game against a team that is already mathematically eliminated form the playoffs. Despite the disadvantage due to travel, I think the 49ers take care of business and strengthen their playoff case.

49ers 28 Buccaneers 6

Jets vs. Panthers

The Jets may be a media circus and be an absolute wreck at quarterback but they somehow still have some faint playoff hopes yet to be vanquished. The Panthers who recently had a 8 game winning streak snapped by the Saints still have some work to do before Cam Newton can play in his first playoff game. This one comes down to the fact that the Panthers just have a much better team.

Panthers 31 Jets 7

Chiefs vs. Raiders

With Denver's loss the uphill battle for the Chiefs to maybe take the AFC West got a little less steep. Granted, the do not have the tie breaker but this game means more to them than the 4-9 Raiders team that is on the verge of mathematical elimination.

Chiefs 27 Raiders 13

Saints vs. Rams

Yeah, the Saints may not be the same team on the road than they are at home but nothing about the Rams indicates that they have the talent to pull of  an upset.

Saints 35 Rams 13

Cardinals vs. Titans

As it stands right now, the Cardinals are the best team that is on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs. Playoffs or not, the Cardinals appear to be headed under the right direction and they may become playoff regulars over the next few years. The Titans appear to be about 3 games away from getting a different head coach and possibly a new qb as rumors of them being interested in players such as Jay Cutler have snuck into the news.

Cardinals 20 Titans 3

Packers vs. Cowboys

Neither of these teams are that great but are lucky enough to play in weak divisions that have made their playoff hopes a possibility. The Packers actually won a game without Aaron Rodgers. Granted it was a 1-point win against the 15th best team in the NFC but a win is a win.

I think that the Cowboys defense is bad enough that Matt Flynn should put up decent numbers and not completely embarrass themselves. However, the embarrassing themselves aspect of this game will likely go to the Packers defense that I think Tony Romo is going to dominate throughout the afternoon. Bye-bye Packers playoff hopes.

Cowboys 56 Packers 31

Bengals vs. Steelers

Not exactly the most compelling Sunday Night match up of the year. The Bengals may not feel like a dominant team with Super Bowl aspirations but they do sport a nice 9-4 record and have incentive to keep winning in the event that Denver and/or New England stumbles down the stretch. The Steelers are coming off a very tough loss to the Dolphins as they were literally a step away from a miracle win over the Dolphins and seem to be inching closer to being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

Bengals 31 Steelers 27

Ravens vs. Lions

Not the most conventional Monday Night match up but still one worth paying attention to. The Ravens are currently sitting in the 6 spot in the AFC and they seem to be getting things together at the right time. The Lions are currently engaged in a slap fight for the NFC North and have a tendency to play like they're not battling for a playoff spot. Bottom line is the Lions seem to be playing too un-disciplined  and too inconsistently to win important games such as this one.

Ravens 21 Lions 17