Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NFL Playoffs: What if it were to start today and be 16 teams

With the end of the College Football regular season also comes with the end of a couple of recurring features, time to introduce a new one.

The new feature is the Mock 16 where i'll go through the playoff seeding from here and try to predict how things would go if 8 teams instead of 6 made it from each league.


(1) Broncos vs. (8) Chargers

Since this is the Thursday night game, this will double as the preview for tomorrow night. The Chargers, while sneaking in as the last team in a 16 team world, still has work and help to get to bypass the Ravens & Dolphins for the last playoff spot. They have the talent to do it but having to go face to face with a Broncos team that is tied for the best record at 11-2 is a tall order. The Broncos disposed one playoff hopeful in the Titans and I see them having little trouble doing the same this week (even though the Chargers are the better team)

Broncos 49 Chargers 35

(4) Colts vs. (5) Chiefs

This would pit a couple of teams that have won some games but are very flawed in their own way. The Colts get the nod as they have demonstrated the ability to beat playoff caliber teams.


(3) Bengals vs. (6) Ravens

The Ravens may have had an underwhelming follow up to their Super Bowl season but have the benefit of peaking at the right time and playing a Bengals team that they've beaten that doesn't feel like they are as good as their 9-4 record.


(2) Patriots vs. (7) Dolphins

Since this is a Sunday match up as well, this will also double as the preview. New England looks to clinch the division and they can deal a decisive blow to the Dolphins on Sunday. The Dolphins have somehow stayed within the fringe of playoff contention and are the type of team that the Patriots should easily take care of.

Patriots 38 Dolphins 17

Second Round

(1) Broncos vs. (4) Colts

A rematch of Sunday night game from earlier this year. While the Broncos could turn around results from playing at home a few things that go against them include Peyton Manning in the playoffs, Peyton Manning in cold weather and the Colts would not be intimidated by playing the Broncos.


(6) Ravens vs. (2) Patriots

A rematch of the AFC Title game from a couple years back. This is where the Ravens repeat bid would end..


AFC Title

(4) Colts vs. (2) Patriots

New England gets a break as they get to host title game at home against a Colts team that had benefited from some favorable match ups.



(1) Seahawks vs. (8) Bears

Easy win for Seattle, not sold on Bears despite strong Monday night showing.

(4) Lions vs. (5) Panthers

Panthers still look good despite Sunday night defeat, Lions aren't exactly playing like playoff caliber team.

(3) Eagles vs. (6) 49ers

Eagles have made nice strides under Chip Kelly but the 49ers have more playoff experience and would be ready to get things done.

(2) Saints vs. (7) Cardinals

Cardinals have made nice improvements but wouldn't have a chance against Drew Brees and superdome

Second Round

(1) Seahawks vs. (5) Panthers

Cam Newton has made nice strides but playing second playoff game in Seattle, he doesn't have a chance.

(6) 49ers vs. (2) Saints

Don't go against Drew Brees at home.

NFC Championship

(1) Seahawks vs. (2) Saints

Rematch of what was supposed to be a really good monday night game. Russell Wilson gets to his first super bowl in this first mock up.

Super Bowl

Patriots over Seahawks