Monday, December 9, 2013

The Final Mock 32

With Championship week of the College Football Season in the books, time to see how the final Mock 32 looks. As always, this is arbitrarily based off the AP Poll (taking into element flawed human reasoning).

1-Florida State
32-Bowling Green

16-Arizona State

8-South Carolina
25-Notre Dame

24-Northern Illinois

4-Michigan State

13-Oklahoma State
20-Texas A & M

28-Miami (FL)

21-Fresno State







7-Ohio State


Here's how I think it would go down:

Florida State over Bowling Green....over before half time
Arizona State over rematch from earlier this year

South Carolina over Notre Dame..neither team is great but South Carolina is better
Missouri over Northern battle of championship game losers

Vanderbilt over Michigan State....seems like a match up where big 10 would fall short
Texas A & M over Oklahoma State.....major missed opportunity over the weekend for Cowboys

Stanford over to Pasadena for Stanford
Clemson over Fresno State....not sold on either team but Fresno State probably lucky to be ranked

Alabama over the Nick Saban Bowl
LSU over another SEC favored SEC/Big 10 battle

Baylor over Iowa....good to see Baylor win themselves a conference title
Oklahoma over Duke...setting up an all big 12 round of 16 match up

Auburn over Cincinnati.....likely over before the half
UCF over AAC elimination match

Ohio State over USC....only Big 10 team to get out of first round
Oregon over Georgia...only SEC team to lose in first round

For the Round of 16:

Florida State over Arizona State.....Good season for ASU but don't see how they'd put up a fight
South Carolina over SEC rematch from earlier this year

Texas A & M over another SEC rematch elimination game
Stanford over Clemson....Setting up a defense vs. offense final 8 match up

Alabama over third all SEC round of 16 match up
Baylor over yet another rematch from this year

Auburn over UCF....this ones not even close
Oregon over Ohio State...and the Big 10's title hopes are dashed yet again

Round of 8:

Florida State over South Carolina....FSU keeps dominating all in their path
Stanford over Texas A & M....A & M's lack of defense catches up to them

Alabama over Baylor....tide still a strong team despite their loss to Auburn
Auburn over rematch from title game a few years back

Final 4:

Stanford over Florida State.....Stanford finds why to slow down another high octane offense
Auburn over another epic match up that will be talked about years from now


Auburn over Stanford......while Stanford has the better defense, the way Auburn is playing it looks like nobody can stop them....even if they get contained it seems like they find a way with some crazy play.