Monday, December 16, 2013

The Packers, A Comeback & Zeplen's Magic Outfit

Normally on a Monday, i'd be writing about a Mock 32 (College Hoops Style) or who belongs in the hall of fame or maybe making sense of the crazy free agent winter in baseball.

But what happened with the Packers yesterday along with the superstitions it brought has me changing course for today. It actually started last Sunday. Sometime either right before half time or during the half, we were getting Zeplen ready for the day and he was dressed in a Packers outfit that he had recently grown in to. At the same time, I had resigned myself to the fact that the Packers season was more or less a lost cause along with the game which they were losing to the Falcons at the time.

But then, a funny thing happened. The defense made enough plays to shift the momentum and Matt Flynn made enough plays to pull out a 1-point win against one of the worst teams in the league. Half-jokingly, half-seriously I came up with the suggestion that he should be wearing the same outfit every Sunday.

Yesterday, we held off on switching Zeplen into the same outfit as he was very content in taking a nap and sleeping through the afternoon. Around half time, he ending up waking up when the game did not look good and the Cowboys sporting a 26-3 lead.

Since there was nothing to lose, we still decided to go ahead with putting Zeplen into the same Packers outfit and this appeared to make dividends very shortly as the Packers scored their first touchdown within a couple minutes. With Me & Heather watching the game with Zeplen and continuing to chant let's go Packers, the team slowly yet surely asserted themselves into the game.

Around the fourth quarter, my parents showed up for dinner and we moved downstairs to watch the conclusion (while getting a constant stream of texts). As the game got closer to the conclusion, it started feeling more and more like a playoff game (especially with Tony Romo throwing the interceptions with care).

All of this built up to the Packers scoring a game-winning touchdown and the Packers defense allowing this to hold up by getting a crucial stop. In terms of emotion, it felt surreal and this is definitely something we're telling Zeplen about when he gets older. The magic and legend of the outfit does continue. If this is somehow the start of an epic playoff run that results in a Super Bowl title, there is a possibility that outfit gets a frame and gets placed in his room (which already has a J.J Hardy bobblehead doll, a cheesehead, some Brewers shotglasses and a couple of Brewers posters). Come back next week for episode three of Zeplen and the magic outfit.