Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18/13: The Mock 32 NCAA Tourney Football Style

Now, for the weekly feature of who would win the non-existent 32 team NCAA tourney based on current rankings.

Note: There were only six teams receiving additional votes in the AP Poll (i.e. 31 teams), Louisiana-Lafayette was the 32nd team in as they had the most "other receiving votes" amongst teams in the USA Today poll amongst teams that did not receive any votes in the AP poll.




9-Texas A & M
24- Ole Miss

4-Ohio State

13-Michigan State
20-Northern Illinois


12-South Carolina


19-Arizona State

27-Notre Dame

11-Oklahoma State



15-Fresno State

2-Florida State

Here's how I think it would go down:

Alabama over Lousiana-Lafayette...SEC Trumps Sun Belt
Wisconsin over UCF...I was higher on UCF...until they almost lost to Temple

Missouri over Duke....Duke can beat Miami but Missouri is much better
Texas A & M over Ole Miss....Setting up consecutive SEC matchups for A&M

Ohio State over Georgia...Ohio State still unproven after giving up 35 to Illini, but they at least advance here
Michigan State over Northern Illinois...pretty close match up but MSUs defense helps win this one

Oregon over Texas...Another Track meet win for Oregon
Louisville over South Carolina....Bridgewater further strengthens NFL draft stock in this one

Baylor over Cincinnati....Over before it starts
Arizona State over UCLA...Setting up a defense optional  second round game

Auburn over Notre Dame....At least Notre Dame was good enough to make the playoffs
Oklahoma over Oklahoma State....Bedlam V 2.0

Clemson over Minnesota....Minnesota is nice surprise but haven't had toughest schedule
USC over Stanford...USC may not be an elite team but they are peaking at right time and have winnable matchup

LSU over Fresno State....Fresno State could go further w right matchup, just not this one
Florida State over Nebraska....More competitive game, if this was the 90s

Round of 16:

Alabama over Wisconsin...#1 SEC Team  > #2 Big Ten Team
Texas A & M over Missouri...Johnny Football adds to his legend

Ohio State over Michigan State...In Possible rematch of Big 10 Title Game
Oregon over Louisville...Blink and you might miss some TDs

Baylor over Arizona State...The Baylor Offense Machine Rolls on
Auburn over Oklahoma....Setting up High Power Offense versus Redemption Season match up

USC over Clemson...Late Surge + Rematch of Victory + Clemsoning = Surprise Elite 8 Appearance
Florida State over LSU....I think media distractions from news around Winston may decrease focus and may lead to early just doesn't happen in this round

Elite 8:

Alabama over Texas A&M..Entertaining rematch of earlier this year...Johnny Football ends his career with a great game....the A& M Defense, not so much
Oregon over Ohio State...Ohio State's lack of conference competition catches up to them

Baylor over Auburn....The Baylor train keeps rolling
USC over Florida State....USC continues their unlikely run...distraction of news revolving around Winston catches up to them

Final 4:

Alabama over Oregon....Tide keeps rolling
Baylor over USC....Baylor's offense trumps USC post-Kiffin momentum train


Alabama over much as everyone would like the Alabama/SEC dynasty to end, the biggest threat to that happening (Florida State) gets stopped due to a perfect storm of circumstances. For Baylor, getting to the finals is still a breakthrough year since they have gone through several years of being an also-ran and have a springboard to maybe win their own title within the next few years.