Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 11 NFL, What to Expect

With the NFL season going into week 11, lets see what we can expect.

Jets vs. Bills

The Jets seem to be the only one of these two teams with something to play for. However, since they are coming off a good game against New Orleans that means its probably time for the bad Jets to show up.

Bills 28 Jets 20

Ravens vs. Bears

Both of these teams played some close games last week. The Ravens survived a hail mary touchdown vs. the Bengals and the Bears came within a 2-point conversion of taking the Lions to overtime. Likely that both of these teams will be 5-5 at the end of this game.

Ravens 21 Bears 14

Browns vs. Bengals

The Bengals may be struggling a bit lately and things may not look as strong as they did a couple weeks ago. Fortunately for them, they get to play the Browns and get a good chance to snap their two game losing streak.

Bengals 31 Browns 14

Raiders vs. Texans

Battle of two teams going nowhere. In one corner, a Raiders team that I for some reason keep thinking they'll win but don't. In the other corner, a Texans team that is on the front line of innovation in finding ways to lose ballgames.

Texans 14 Raiders 7

Cardinals vs. Jaguars

If not for fantasy football, I would have absolutely zero reason to care about this game. But with picking up Andre Ellington and starting him (even with him getting 10-15 carries a game, how could I resist with Arizona playing Jacksonville). I'm still not sure how the Jaguars stumbled into one win, it would be a shock if they stumbled into win number 2.

Cardinals 24 Jaguars 10

Redskins vs. Eagles

The Eagles seem to be coming full circle since the first Redskins match up. They were offensive innovators in Week 1 before becoming a punch line before starting to come back up due to the play of Nick Foles. A lot of noise has been made about the disappointing seasons both of these teams are having. Both of these teams have an opportunity to help people forget said disappointment by finishing strong over the next couple months.

While I would prefer the Eagles to win (as it would do more to undermine the Cowboys playoff hopes). What i'm hoping for the best is a lot of touchdowns and some big games from Riley Cooper and Pierre Garcon so I can improve upon being in sixth place. This is probably one of the early games i'll be paying a lot of attention to.

Eagles 35 Redskins 28

Lions vs. Steelers

The Lions were able to take control of the NFC North with a win over Chicago and are in the drivers seat as the Bears & Packers are in various states of disarray. Yeah, the Steelers beat the Bills for what its worth but I don't see this wining pattern repeating against a team with legitimate playoff aspirations.

Lions 38 Steelers 21

Falcons vs. Buccaneers

 Massive trainwreck of a game with the only thing on the line is the battle for the #1 overall pick. Yeah, i'm starting Vincent Jackson but this game still serves little interest.

Falcons 21 Buccaneers 14

Chargers vs. Dolphins

Match up between perpetual mediocrity and dealing with the aftermath of a horrible scandal. Mediocrity wins this battle.

Chargers 35 Dolphins 10

49ers vs. Saints

Got ourselves a possible playoff preview here. While 49ers have the defense to keep up with the Saints, their offense is not in the same league. This one is interesting both as a measuring point of where these teams are on the NFC totem pole and to see if they'll throw the ball to Jimmy Graham more this week than last.

Saints 31 49ers 20

Packers vs. Giants

This was supposed to be a much more compelling match up at seasons start. With Scott Tolzein starting this game, the Packers QB situation has been upgraded to meh from cringe-worthy. With a week of practice, Tolzein showed enough that he may have what it takes to be a competent place-holder. The Giants have been playing better lately, recovering from an 0-6 start and are lucky enough to be in a mediocre division where they still have a chance. I wouldn't put it past them to make some sort of run at the division.

Giants 42 Packers 28

Vikings vs. Seahawks

On paper this should be a one sided affair. However, the Seahawks seem to have a tendency to play down to their level of competition. While I think they will pull it out, this game ends up being closer than expected.

Seahawks 24 Vikings 20

Chiefs vs. Broncos

This looks to be a very telling matchup. First of all,  Chiefs get one of their first real tests on the validity of their 9-0 start. And this happens to be my Fantasy football double down as i'm starting the Chiefs defense and my opposition is starting both Manning & Welker. I'm hoping Manning can be contained but I gotta admit the Kansas City double down contains high risk.

Broncos 31 Chiefs 20

Panthers vs. Patriots

The Panthers (but not Cam Newton) passed their first major test against the 49ers. For me, this is a battle of the QB of Fantasy Football present (Newton) and Fantasy Football past (Brady). In addition, I get to go up against the Panthers defense. Basically, i'm rooting for points and lots of them on both sides.

Patriots 42 Panthers 35