Thursday, November 21, 2013

Weekend College Football Preview 11/21

The weekend in College Football, lets see what we have in store:

The Citadel vs. (7) Clemson

This is the first of unfortunately several match ups this weekend between FCS teams getting paid to get trounced by top 25 team. If your gonna schedule a FCS team at least schedule one that could possibly put up a fight such as North Dakota State, not one that is floundering at 5-6. For what its worth The Citadel did beat Appalachian State in early October.

Clemson 63 The Citadel 0
Over before it starts

Memphis vs. (21) Louisville

Yeah, this game is likely to also be a rout but its not Louisville's fault that the Big East/American Athletic Conference turned into Conference USA V2.0 which has cupcake teams such as Memphis. Louisville wins this one easily.

Louisville 52 Memphis 21
One Sided

(25) Duke vs. Wake Forest

This is Duke's first weekend as a nationally ranked team in a very long time. They have been impressive in moving up from lucky to win a game to being a very competitive team. Wake Forest's best win came over Maryland this year. This should be a relatively easy win for Duke.

Duke 31 Wake Forest 14
Not the Best Game, Not the Worst

(22) Oklahoma vs. Kansas State

The first game of Saturday that could be compelling. Oklahoma while 8-2, hasn't been that impressive doing so. Kansas State had a rough start to their season but they have been playing well lately. Kansas State is better than their 6-4 record as they have played the best teams in the Big 12 (Oklahoma State & Baylor) pretty tough and have a record of beating teams that seem destined to fall out of the top 25 (Texas Tech). This could be Oklahoma's last weekend as a ranked team.

Kansas State 35 Oklahoma 28
Upset Special #1

 (13) Michigan State vs. Northwestern

It seems like only yesterday that Northwestern was 4-0 and fighting Ohio State to the wire. Its been all downhill since there and they have nothing to play for but pride. Michigan State needs to take care of business and work towards getting to the Big 10 Championship game and a possible BCS bowl appearance. I think Northwestern puts up a fight but falls short.

Michigan State 28 Northwestern 17
Better than Expected

Coastal Carolina vs. (12) South Carolina

At least South Carolina picked a good FCS (10-1) team to go up against. Maybe they put up a fight maybe not.

South Carolina 35 Coastal Carolina 0
One Sided

Chattanooga vs. (1) Alabama

The Chattanooga mocs are 8-3 and have zero chance to make that 9-3.

Alabama 56 Chattanooga 3

Idaho vs. (2) Florida State

At least Florida State picked a FBS cupcake to pick on. They beat Temple by 2 for their only win for what its worth

Florida State 70 Idaho 3

Indiana vs. (4) Ohio State

Yeah, we got ourselves another lopsided game. Can't blame Ohio State for this one and the Big 10 being down in general. Indiana's best win this year is against Penn State. Too bad for them that Ohio State is a much better opponent.

Ohio State 70 Indiana 17

(9) Texas A & M vs. (18) LSU

Finally got ourselves a good game after wading through the FCS/Idaho clunkers. Got ourselves a good QB battle between potential first round picks. Don't expect much in the way of defense and for LSU fans to be frustrated at getting their fourth loss of the season.

Texas A & M 56 LSU 42

(16) Wisconsin vs. Minnesota

The Battle of Paul Bunyan's axe is looking to be much more compelling than expected due to a Minnesota resurgence. While Minnesota has benefited from a pretty easy schedule (three best wins against Nebraska, Penn State & San Jose State), they next two weeks (vs. Wisconsin & Michigan State) will reveal whether they are better than usual or much, much better than usual. This is likely one of the better games of the afternoon but I don't see it resulting in an upset.

Wisconsin 42 Minnesota 31
Better than Expected

(5) Oregon vs. Arizona

Oregon continues working on the path of getting the Pac 12 championship and even more (if things somehow evolve into chaos over the next couple weeks. Arizona continues on the path of being the good bad team that can beat the bottom feeders but struggles immensely against the better teams.

Oregon 56 Arizona 28
One Sided Game

California vs. (10) Stanford

Yeah, this is one of the more historical rivalry games. This year, it just seems to be another game between an elite team versus a very awful team on what is basically one-sided Saturday. Cal's only win was a 7 point win over Portland State, I somehow don't see them getting win number 2 out of the blue.

Stanford 49 California 3
Great Rivalry, Not so Great Game

New Mexico vs. (15) Fresno State

New Mexico may not be great but they are capable of putting points on the board (even if they give them up at a much faster pace). Fresno State still has the chance to play in a BCS bowl game and everyone's trying to knock them down. If that happens its going to be to a better team.

Fresno State 56 New Mexico 35
Offense, Offense & More Offense

(19) Arizona State vs. (14) UCLA

A battle of two good but not great PAC-12 Teams that has major implications on who gets to go to the PAC-12 championship game. In the Mock 32 from Monday, this was the first round match up where I picked Arizona State, I stand by an Arizona State win on Saturday.

Arizona State 49 UCLA 42
One of Better Games of Week

(8) Missouri vs. (24) Ole Miss

While Ole Miss is a good team, I think that Missouri still comes away with the victory here as they have a higher incentive (SEC East lead and the right to lose to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game).

Missouri 42 Ole Miss 28
Closer than the final score indicates

(3) Baylor vs. (11) Oklahoma State

In what could amount to the BIG 12 game of the year (since the last one). As the season rolls on and Baylor is getting to and beating opponents that are capable of winning games, its looking more and more like Baylor is legitimately an elite team. Hopefully, they can win out catch a break and have a chance to show what they can do in the title game.

Baylor 56 Oklahoma State 21
Baylor dominance makes game not as good as hyped

(23) USC vs. Colorado

USC is coming off a huge win over Stanford. Typically, there would be the risk of having a letdown hangover game (sort of like what Stanford had in last weekends game) but that risk is lowered substantially as they get a Colorado team whos only conference win was over Cal.

USC 56 Colorado 21
One Sided