Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Weeknight Football preview Shormogasboard

And now, for the weekly post that covers the non-weekend football action for the week, starting with college football.

Ball State vs. (20) Northern Illinois

It's a Wednesday its moving deeper into November and that means one thing and one thing only.....MACtion. The weeknight MAC conference games  have never failed to entertain (though they have failed to play defense over the years) and crazy things happen. Northern Illinois is fighting an uphill battle with the BCS rankings and Fresno State to get into a high end bowl game for the second straight year (and not get embarrassed in said bowl game for the first consecutive year).

Ball State is a good enough team (to sneak into the Mock 32 tournament and get blown out by Alabama in said fake tournament) and good enough to to ruin Northern Illinois' BCS bowl hopes. Expect lots of scoring and even some overtimes in this one as a MACtion legend for the ages.

Ball State 63 Northern Illinois 60 (3 OT)
Verdict: This could be a sneaky good game.....that doesn't get watched because its Wednesday

Georgia Tech vs. (8) Clemson

Thursday night brings another top 25 team playing with aspirations of playing in a BCS-bowl game. Like the Wednesday game, I think these aspirations also get dashed on national television. They're playing a decent but not spectacular Georgia Tech team and Clemson has a history of losing to these types of teams.

Georgia Tech 31 Clemson 21

Washington vs. (13) UCLA

Another ranked team playing during the week that hasn't proven the ability to beat elite competition and seems vulnerable to being upset. Unlike the first two cases, I don't think it happens here as i'm even less sold on Washington and their inevitable 7-6 finish.

UCLA 42 Washington 31

Colts vs. Titans

A battle between two teams with very head scratching losses on Sunday. The Colts somehow got dominated by a Rams team that is pretty uninspiring. The Titans lost to a Jaguars team that had a legitimate chance to go 0-16. My first reaction is to pick the Colts because they are the better team, my second reaction is that is too logical based on what happened the other day. My third reaction is that Locker is out for the season and that they are stuck w/Ryan Fitzpatrick and that replacement caliber qb's make this more of a 6-10 team than an 8-8 team.

Colts 31 Titans 14