Monday, November 25, 2013

The Mock 32: 11/25 Edition

Time to see who would win a mock 32 team NCAA Football tournament if it were to start today. As usual, based off the AP Rankings.


16-Fresno State

25-Notre Dame


29-Ole Miss

13-Arizona State
22- UCLA



3-Ohio State

19-Texas A&M


11-Michigan State

7-Oklahoma State

10-South Carolina

2-Florida State

18-Northern Illinois

On to who I think would win these match ups.

Alabama over Minnesota - Minnesota probably would need to upset Michigan State to stay in field
Fresno State over UCF in non BCS league elimination game

Stanford over Notre Dame in match up that happens in real life Saturday
Baylor over Duke --Baylor's stock is down after loss to OSU but they would take care of business here

Auburn over Ole Miss in SEC Elimination Game
Arizona State over UCLA in rematch from Saturday

Missouri over Texas in what would have been Big 12 elimination game up until a couple years ago
Louisville over Oregon, first upset of first round

Arizona over Ohio State in first major shocker. Arizona took down Oregon...Pac 12 would have them more battle tested
Texas A & M over Wisconsin...I think Wisconsin has the better team but not Manziel

Cincinnati over Clemson...Clemsoning at its finest
Michigan State over UCLA..UCLA would offer little resistance

Oklahoma State over Georgia...OSU showing it has what it takes to ruin perfect seasons
USC over South Carolina..Battle of two teams w USC as acronym

Florida State over Nebraska..The Seat gets warmer for Bo Pellini
LSU over Northern Illinois..MACtion ends here

Now to the round of 16:

Alabama over Fresno State...No mid major upset here
Stanford over Baylor....Battle of two teams with crippling losses over last couple weeks

Auburn over Arizona State..ASU has made some great strides but their run ends here
Missouri over Louisville...Setting up SEC battle royal

Texas A & M over Arizona...Arizona got lucky with one favorable match up but not two
Michigan State over Cincinnati....Pretty one sided game

Oklahoma State over USC...Took most of the season but finally sold on the Cowboys
Florida State over LSU....Probably FSU's last win of tourney

The Elite Eight:

Alabama over Stanford....SEC Dominance Continues
Auburn over Missouri....Pretty close match up that could go either way

Michigan State over Texas A & M....It helps to play defense
Oklahoma State over Florida State....OSU w/formula to stop high powered offense

Final Four:

Auburn over Alabama...Iron Bowl II....The whole state of Alabama on edge with national title on the line
Oklahoma State over Michigan State....Leading to a final that no one would predict

This week's king of the hill of the Mock 32 stays in the state of Alabama but transfers over to Auburn who beats Oklahoma State in the final.....stay tuned as the results are likely to be different next week.