Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weeknight Football Preview 11-20

Getting caught up with this week's weeknight football action:

(20) Northern Illinois vs. Toledo

Another mid-week episode of MACtion and another week where Northern Illinois will have to hold their ground against a team that would like nothing more than to eliminate Northern Illinois' hope of playing in a high level bowl game.

Toledo is bringing in a pretty strong team to the Glass Bowl and I don't think they would be intimidated by things such as national ranking and undefeated record. Northern Illinois isn't even the best team they've faced all year (that honor goes to Missouri) and they aren't shy about lighting up the scoreboard (45+ points in four of their last five).

Ultimately, I think Toledo falls short but they make things very interesting in the process.

Northern Illinois 56 Toledo 45

Rutgers vs. (17) UCF

The other ranked weeknight action involves another team in a middling conference that still has legitimate hopes to play in one of the BCS bowl games. Unlike Toledo, Rutgers hasn't been that good of a team but if things fall right they could pull off a massive upset (they nearly took down Fresno State to start the season). Since UCF almost lost to Temple, I originally was going to pick Rutgers but they have been underwhelming lately and they themselves didn't exactly dominate Temple (winning 23-20).

UCF 35 Rutgers 17

Saints vs. Falcons

This match up looked MUCH more enticing when the season started (NFL Network can't be too happy with this one). With the Falcons floundering towards a top draft pick, my only incentive to pay attention is to see if Jimmy Graham will have a big game.

Saints 31 Falcons 10