Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quick Hits: Who's worth the Pick Up, Who is Not

Not enough time to go around the lineup, gonna try to get to as many players as possible.

Josh Rutledge:

Score: 51.9
Rank: 160

This week's Zeplen Dean Rankings now have 302 players as he was not originally on (133 plate appearances so far this season).

The positives on Rutledge are that he's going good at the moment (hits in four consecutive games), he can be plugged in at three different positions (Second Base, Third Base & Shortstop). Also, having a player that plays half of his games at Coors Field never hurts.

The downside is that while he has a .298 batting average, this number is distorted by a .384 BABIP. When this gets adjusted for (in comparison to a .310 career BABIP), his average gets adjusted down to .241. Also, he's never had more than 314 plate appearances in a season so even getting regular playing time isn't necessarily a guarantee.

Even with him being the second most picked up batter today on Yahoo (as of 12:30 PM PST), his ownership rate is still at 6% and I wouldn't recommend contributing to this total.

Verdict: Sell

Neil Walker:

Score: 66.9
Rank: 55

Granted, he's not exactly a well kept secret (70% ownership) but this is still a 4% increase over Yesterday. If you are in one of the 30% of leagues where Walker is somehow available, get him now.

Currently, he is on a six game hitting streak during which time he has thrown in 3 home runs and 7 rbi. Over 650 plate appearances, the Zeplen Dean System Projects:

.296/79 R/22 HR/83 RBI/4 SB

Walker has been one of those players who has been quietly consistent and this year added a subtle yet notable uptick in power. Considering this and him being at Second Base, he is definitely an upgrade to any roster.

Verdict: Buy

Jimmy Rollins:

Score: 57.3
Rank: 118

He may not be getting any younger (35 years old) but he's still putting up double figure home run & stolen base numbers (even if the batting average has been lackluster so far.

This is another player with a high ownership rate (79%) yet has still found a way to add momentum after going deep against the Giants last night (he's seen a 4% increase so far today).

His projection over 650 plate appearances is:

.251/ 80 R/18 HR/ 64 RBI/28 SB

If your in one of the 21% leagues where he is available I would go get him asap.

Verdict: Buy

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